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Wednesday Pictures

Wednesday May 13, 2015

Download entire Wednesday album here may also download all 2015 ICU images as one large zip file here.

Touristic Visit to Porte des Allemands, Metz
Accompanying persons had the ability to join several short tourist visits to different places in Metz. On Wednesday for instance a visit has been arranged to ‘Porte des Allemands’. On Monday there was a visit to Centre-Pompidou-Metz and on Tuesday an excursion on the river Moselle was organized (La Lorraine Fluviale)


Plenary talk by Peter Cawley
Plenary lecture on NDE and guided waves. (Chair Marc Deschamps)


Oral Sessions Wednesday
Oral Sessions took place in the different rooms of the congress venue, including Arsenal, Saint Pierre aux Nonnains, the School of Arts (ESAL) and hotel la Citadelle.


Congress Lobby Impressions Wednesday
The Congress Lobby was manned with very motivated persons : John Fritsch, Margaryta Kalancha, Alix Bourgeois and others, including professional hostesses during peak times.


Grand Hall and Posters Wednesday
During the coffee breaks poster sessions have been organized and sponsors of the congress have been able to present their products, company or organization by means of a presentation booth.


Board Meetings
The ICU Board had their meeting on Sunday and Wednesday. On Sunday there was also a Meeting of the Board of the Journal Ultrasonics. On Tuesday there was a Meeting of the Technical Committee on Ultrasonics, European Acoustics Association. There was also a USWNet board meeting on Tuesday.


Fun Outside Wednesday
There was a very pleasant atmosphere on and around the congress venue, particularly on l’Esplanade.


Keynote talk by Sanchez Dehesa
Jose Sanchez Dehesa has given a keynote lecture on Advances in Acoustic Metamaterials Based of Sonic Crystals. (Chair Vincent Laude)


Keynote talk by Stefan Radel
Winner of the Silver Whistle Award for young researchers at 2013 ICU Singapore. Stefan Radel has given a keynote lecture on Ultrasound Enhanced PAT (Process Analytical Technology) - from Vibrational Spectroscopy By-pass Measurements to In-line Probes (Chairs Ewald Benes and Sigrun Hirsekorn)


Keynote talk by Vincent Tournat
Winner of the Silver Whistle Award for young researchers at 2013 ICU Singapore. Vincent Tournat has given a keynote lecture on Elastic wave processes in complex solids containing internal contacts (Chair : Vitaliy E. Gusev)


Congress Pre-Dinner Welcome Word
Nico Declercq welcomed the participants of 2015 ICU to the Pre-Dinner ceremony and cocktail, to be followed by the Congress Dinner.


The ICU Gold Whistle Award to Ewald Benes
At every ICU congress a Gold Whistle Award is given to a scientist in ultrasonics, for lifetime achievements. This year the ICU Board has decided to offer the award to Prof Ewald Benes from the Vienna Technical University in Austria for his lifetime achievements and for his significant support for many years to the ICU Board and its biannual ICU congresses.


The ICU Silver Whistle Awards to Hideyuki Nomura and Kang Il Lee
At every ICU congress one or more Silver Whistle Awards are given to scientists, who are relatively early in their career, for their achievements. This year the ICU Board has decided to offer the awards to Prof Hideyuki Nomura of the University of Electro-Communications in Tokyo, Japan and to Prof Kang Il Lee of the Kangwon National University in Chuncheon, Republic of Korea.


Words of Friendship to Oswald Leroy
During the 2015 ICU a special scientific session has been organized to honor Prof Oswald Leroy for his career in Acousto-Optics. In this context a couple of his life-long friends and colleagues from different countries have shared with the ICU participants words of appreciation, anecdotes and more. Speakers were Vitali Voloshinov, Gennady Shkerdin, Sergei Kulakov, Bogumil Linde, Antoni Sliwinski.


Congress Pre-Dinner Closing Word
At the end of the pre-dinner ceremony participants have been invited to listen to a musical performance by Françoise Vanhecke, to enjoy their Congress pre-Dinner Cocktail and then to continue their evening at the congress dinner.


Pre-Dinner Music Performance Françoise Vanhecke
Françoise Vanhecke has performed Edith Piaff and some classical works to bring the ICU participants in a good mood to further enjoy the cocktail and the consequent congress dinner. The choice to bring Edith Piaff (Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien) was an ad hoc decision and so was the location on the balcony where the performance took place. The professionalism and versatility of the performer have been highly appreciated by the staff of Arsenal and by the ICU congress participants.


Congress Pre-Dinner Cocktail
Participants enjoyed their cocktail while socializing.


Congress Dinner
The caterer was Christophe Dufossé and the dinner took place at Orangerie on the top floor of Arsenal. To accommodate the large number of participants a tent was placed on the terrace. The dinner consisted of :
wines: Chablis - Domaine de Servin ; Crozes Hermitages ‘Mise en Bouche’, Domaine de Darnaud Emmanuel.
Food : Sea Bass Carpaccio, Shellfish Vinaigrette, Menton Lemon and Mixed seasoned vegetables; followed by Slow-cooked Veal Tournedos, Parmesan Crust, Chanterelles, Hazelnuts, Marsala Sauce, Green Asparagus Fricassee, Roasted Turkey Potatoes from Touquet; followed by farmhouse Chaource cheese stuffed with summer Truffle, Rustic bread, Candied Drome Apricots; and finally a Contemporary Pepper Lemon Meringue Pie and Pina Colada Sorbet.