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Monday Pictures

Monday May 11, 2015

Download the entire Monday album here may also download all 2015 ICU images as one large zip file here.

Opening Ceremony : Welcome word by Nico Declercq
Welcome word by Nico F. Declercq, President of 2015 ICU Metz and Tenured Professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology. The opening word was followed by several speakers welcoming the 2015 ICU participants in Metz.


Opening Ceremony : Welcome word by Dominique Gros
Mr Dominique Gros is the Mayer of Metz.


Opening Ceremony : Welcome word by Gilbert Krausener
Mr Gilbert Krausener is the Vice president of Metropolitan Metz


Opening Ceremony : Welcome word by Francois Lavergne
Mr Francois Lavergne is the Vice President of the Departmental Council of Moselle.


Opening Ceremony : Welcome word by Thibaut Villemin
Mr Thibaut Villemin is the First Vice President of the Region of Lorraine


Opening Ceremony : Welcome word by Simon Babre
Mr Simon Babre is the Secretary General of Regional Affairs


Opening Ceremony : Welcome word by Yves Berthelot
Prof Yves Berthelot is President of Georgia Tech Lorraine and is Georgia Tech Vice Provost for International Initiatives


Opening Ceremony : Welcome word by Bertrand Dubus
Prof Bertrand Dubus is the former President of the French Acoustical Society and is a Board member of The International Commission for Acoustics ICA


Opening Ceremony : Welcome word by Francine Luppé
Prof Francine Luppé is a faculty at Université du Havre and is a representative of the European Acoustics Association EAA on behalf of its President Michael Taroudakis.


Opening Ceremony : Welcome word by Arthur Every
Prof Arthur Every is a Faculty at University of Witwatersrand in South Africa and is Editor in Chief of Elsevier’s journal on Ultrasonics.


Opening Ceremony : Welcome word by Wolfgang Sachse
Prof Wolfgang Sachse is a faculty at Cornell University and is Chair of the R. W. B. Stephens Award Competition.


Opening Ceremony : Welcome word by Martyn Hill
Prof Martyn Hill is a member of the Executive Board of USWNet and has spoken on behalf of the organizers of the special session of 2015 ICU being also the 12th AcoustiFluidics Congress.


Opening Ceremony : Announcements by Nico Felicien Declercq
Some announcements have been made concerning timing, security and other practical matters.


Opening Ceremony : A little Journey Through History, by Nico Declercq
„A little Journey Through History“ was aimed at positioning Metz in a historical context and was also a prelude to the musical performance afterwards.


Opening Ceremony : Welcoming musical performance by Françoise Vanhecke
Soprano Françoise Vanhecke has performed „a hundred years ago“ and sung music by Händel, Mozart, Puccini, Satie and Irma Bilbao. During her performance she also played the ocean-drum and the theremin. „A hundred years ago“ was a personal tribute to the innocent victims of WWI with a focus on the areas near Ypres in Belgium where Declercq’s and Vanhecke’s common ancestors originate from. At the end, as ‘encore’, a surprising tribute was made to Michel Achiel Ranatus Declercq and Irma Helena Lesage, the grandparents of both Françoise Vanhecke and Nico Declercq. The Soprano has received a spontaneous standing ovation at the end of her performance.


Morning impressions
Participants have been able to register and receive their welcome package on Sunday afternoon and also on Monday early morning. A breakfast was organized for them before the opening ceremony to offer a comfortable beginning of a very busy congress week.


Plenary Talk by Eitan Kimmel
keynote lecture on Force transmission in living cells when subjected to ultrasound irradiation and the sonophore. (Chair Oleg Sapozhnikov)


Grand Hall events and poster sessions
During the coffee breaks a poster session was organized and sponsors of the congress have been able to present their products, company or organization by means of a presentation booth.


Keynote talk by Thomas Laurell in the session on AcoustoFluidics
Keynote speaker in 12th AcoustoFluidics Congress, presentation title: Challenges and opportunities in translating acoustofluidics in to clinical applications. (Chairs Stefan Radel and Martin Hill)


Session on AcoustoFluidics
this was a special session of 2015 ICU being also the 12th AcoustiFluidics Congress


Monday Congress Lobby Impressions
The Congress Lobby was manned with very motivated persons : John Fritsch, Margaryta Kalancha, Alix Bourgeois and others, including professional hostesses during peak times.


Plenary Talk by Mathias Fink
Plenary lecture on How Time-Reversal Acoustics inspires Optics and Hydrodynamics today. (Chair Yves Berthelot)


Oral Sessions on Monday
Oral Sessions took place in the different rooms of the congress venue, including Arsenal, Saint Pierre aux Nonnains, the School of Arts (ESAL) and hotel la Citadelle.


Session dedicated to Oswald Leroy : Medal of University Gdansk
A special session was organized on Acousto-Optics in honor and in the presence of Oswald Leroy, organized by Nataliya Polikarpova and Nico F. Declercq. During this session Oswald Leroy has been awarded with the medal of the University of Gdansk. The medal was provided by Antoni Sliwinski from the University of Gdansk in Poland, whereas the laudation was read by Bogumil Linde from the same university.The session was chaired by Vitali Voloshinov and by Daumantas Ciplys.


Session dedicated to Oswald Leroy
A special session was organized on Acousto-Optics in honor and in the presence of Oswald Leroy and organized by Nataliya Polikarpova and Nico F. Declercq.


Welcome Reception
On Monday evening a welcome reception with delicatessen that were very appreciated by the participants was organized to welcome everyone at 2015 ICU Metz. The reception took place in the Main Hall of Arsenal.


Hackathon Monday Night
Students and young researchers in general, lead by Peter McKeon, have been invited to join a musical event in Metz Trinitaires, called ‘Metz Music Hackathon’. Participants of the event were allowed to see, hear and try-out new musical instruments.