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Physically Impaired

Physically Impaired Participants

are requested to notify the congress President well in advance of disability accomodation needs.

Getting to and getting around Metz
When travelling to Metz by train or plane, facilities are available to help you upon arrival at the train station or near-by airports. For a transfer to Metz or getting around within the city itself, you may hire the services of a specialist transporter or rent an adapted vehicle. The TCRM public transportation service also offers disabled access on three routes on the Metz Métropole network.

Parking in Metz
Approximately 130 reserved parking spaces are available within car parks and a further 350 street parking spaces in the city-centre, giving access to shopping areas and public buildings.
Please note: Authorisation to park in spaces reserved for people with reduced mobility is granted to vehicles displaying the European disability disk on the dashboard. Parking fees as indicated on the meters will apply.

Getting around town
Over the past few years, the city of Metz has strived to make the city accessible to everyone. The aim is to ensure that people with disabilities have the same access as non-disabled people to all public services (public buildings, tourist attractions, cultural and sports facilities…).
To help people with reduced mobility, kerbs have been lowered and paths built along the road network to help gain access to public buildings.
For those with partial sight, the city of Metz has equipped its 130 pedestrian crossings at 45 crossroads with audio-signal traffic lights. These lights are fitted with sound beacons, triggered by a radio-controlled device available from specialist associations.
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