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Tuesday Pictures

Tuesday May 12, 2015

Download entire Tuesday album here may also download all 2015 ICU images as one large zip file here.

Oral Sessions on Tuesday
Oral Sessions took place in the different rooms of the congress venue, including Arsenal, Saint Pierre aux Nonnains, the School of Arts (ESAL) and hotel la Citadelle.


Plenary Talk by Li Baowen
Plenary lecture on the research area of phonons and thermal effects. (Chair Bernard Perrin)


Session on AcoustoFluidics
The Ultrasonic Standing Wave Network held its 12th AcoustoFluidics Congress during the 2015 ICU event as a separate session and part of 2015 ICU.


Fun Outside Tuesday
There was a very pleasant atmosphere on and around the congress venue, particularly on l’Esplanade.


Congress Concert Surchauffe
The congress concert was called ‘Surchauffe’, which means ‘overheating’. The work is written by Domonique Delahoche. It was performed by the Orchestre National de Lorraine, Directed by Jacques Mercier, in collaboration with Les Percussions de Strasbourg, student percussionists and local youth under the guidance and artistic participation of Nicolas Charente, Vincent Renonce and Jeremie Lefebvre. Just before the concert the laureates of the Margaret Guttmann competition have been announced.