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French Acoustical Society

The French Acoustical Society (La Société Française d'Acoustique - SFA) gathers French acousticians from public research and industry. Created in 1948 by Yves Rocard, it includes more than 800 individual members (researchers, teachers, engineers, musicians, audiologists, architects...), as well as institutional members (industrial companies and specialized research laboratories). Its vocation is to facilitate the circulation and any scientific and technical information as well as the contacts between research laboratories and industrial R&D Centers. The activities of the SFA include:

• Organization of CFA congresses and workshops. These events can be regular (the French Congress of Acoustics takes place every even year) or be more specifically organized to deal with novel subjects ;
• Promotion of acoustics. The SFA is a natural interlocutor of numerous national authorities (for example, the National Noise Council or various standardization committees). It promotes the education in acoustics, notably by providing the list of all existing training courses on its Web site. It supports students' participation at international congresses through scholarships ;
• Diffusion of information through its periodic bulletin or through the magazine "Acoustique & Technique", published by the Noise Documentation and Information Center and in which the SFA participates actively ;
• Relations with other national scientific societies, because acoustics is in the crossroads of numerous disciplines (solid or fluid mechanics, signal processing, cognitive psychology, speech...)Relations with the equivalent societies of foreign countries. The SFA is a founding member of the European Acoustics Association (, which gathers thirty European societies. This association edits one of the major world scientific reviews of acoustics (Acta Acustica united with Acustica).