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Scientific Topics and Sessions Overview

Below is the list of topics covered by the congress, merged with the titles of special sessions. If your paper fits into a special session then please choose that rather than a topic to which no special session is allocated; the latter will either appear as individual sessions or will be merged with similar topics to form individual session in the congress program.

The review process is overviewed by : Mathias Fink, Bertrand Dubus, Philippe Lasaygues, Alain Lhemery and Nico F. Declercq

1. NDE / NDT (topic review coordinators : Alain Lhemery and Karim Sabra)
Acoustic Microscopy application
Bulk and Surface Acoustic Waves application for NDE
Bulk wave NDT/E: modelling and simulation (Special Session organised by Alain Lhemery and Marin Spies)
NDT: Industrial Applications
NDT: Guided Waves
NDT: Modeling and Simulation
Guided wave NDT/E: modelling and simulation (Special Session organised by Alain Lhemery and Mike Lowe)
Nonlinear Acoustics : NDE/NDT (Special Session, organised by Igor Solodov and Koen Van Den Abeele)
Instrumentation and signals in acoustics (Special Session organised by Jean-Marc Girault and Alain le Duff)
Ultrasonic transducers in harsh environments (Special Session organised by Leonard J. Bond and Anthony N. Sinclair)
Ultrasound in Anisotropic Materials (crystals, composites) : NDE
Full Wavefield NDE/ scanning laser ultrasonics: Fundamentals and application
Structural health monitoring (Special Session organised by Slah Yaacoubi and Jennifer E. Michaels)
Air-Coupled Ultrasonic Methods
Acoustic Emission (Special Session organised by Slah Yaacoubi and Crescenzo Di Fratta)

2. Bio-Medical (topic review coordinators : Jean-Francois Aubry and Philippe Lasaygues)
Biomedical Ultrasound
Bioeffects of Ultrasound
Contrast Agents
Medical Elastography and Vibro-Acoustics
High Frequency Medical Imaging
Medical use of High Power Ultrasound
Medical Non-Linear Acoustics
Medical Surgery, Therapeutics and Hyperthermia
Medical Parametric Imaging
Therapeutic Ultrasound
Bio-medical ultrasound for therapy (Special Session organised by Lawrence A. Crum and Cyril Lafon)
Vascular Ultrasound
Beauty therapy and ultrasound
Soft Tissue Quantitative Ultrasound (Special Session organised by Emilie Franceschini and Jonathan Mamou)
Cardiovascular ultrasound image analysis: a powerful tool toward valid, non-invasive and low-cost disease diagnosis (Special Session organised by Spyretta Golemati and Micka‘l Tanter)

3. Physical (topic review coordinators : Catherine Potel and Marc Deschamps)
Adaptive Imaging and Focusing
Bulk, Surface and Interface Acoustic Waves: features, behavior
Acoustic waveguide applications (Special Session organised by Sigrun Hirsekorn and Bernd Henning)
Physical study of Elastography and Vibro Acoustics
Physics of High Power Ultrasound
Underwater Ultrasonics - General
Nonlinear Acoustics : Physics
Physical Acoustics
Ultrasound in Anisotropic Materials (crystals, composites) : physics
Quantum acoustics
Plasma acoustics
Contrast Agents - general
Scattering from Rough Surfaces - general

4. Nano (topic review coordinator : Bernard Perrin)
Nano-acoustics : fluids
Nano-acoustics : solids
Nano-acoustics : particles in suspension
Picosecond laser ultrasonics (Special Session organised by Vitalyi Gusev and Oliver B. Wright)

5. Chemical and Molecular (topic review coordinator : Jean-Yves Hihn)
Cavitation and Sonoluminescence
Molecular Acoustics

6. Device Technology (topic review coordinators : Sylvain Ballandras, Frederic Cegla and Marc Lethiecq)
Acoustic Microscopy Device Technology
Acoustic Sensors and Actuators
High Power Ultrasound Device Technology
New Piezoelectric and Ferroelectric Materials and Devices
Transducer Modeling and Metrology
Transducer Technology
Semiconductor/Micromachined Transducers
Electromagnetic and Electrodynamic Transducers
Piezoelectric and Ferroelectric Transducers
Microacoustics: SAW-, FBAR- and MEMS-devices
Transducer arrays
Power harvesting
Air-Coupled Ultrasonic Devices
Metamaterial devices (focusing, imaging)
Micro/nano technology-based transducers, acoustic microsystems, and applications (Special Session organised by Dominique Certon and F. Levent Degertekin)

7. Naval/Marine / Underwater (topic review coordinator : Philippe Roux)
Underwater Ultrasonics - marine
Active and passive sonar
Active and passive detection of marine life
Navigation based on underwater sound
Scattering from Rough Surfaces

8. Field Coupling / Multi-Physics (topic review coordinator : Emmanuel Bossy)
Acousto-Optic Interactions and Wave Phenomena in Optics and Acoustics (Special Session in Honour of Professor Emeritus Oswald Leroy, organised by Natalia V. Polikarpova and Nico F. Declercq)
Biomedical Imaging and Therapy through the Interaction of Light and Sound (Special Session organised by Emmanuel Bossy and Ronald A. Roy)
Ultrasound and Lasers : acousto-optics and opto-acoustics
Ultrasonic Magenetic/Electromagnetic interactions
Picosecond Laser Ultrasonics

9. Granular and Inhomogeneous Media (topic review coordinators : Arnaud Tourin and Vincent Tournat)
Linear Acoustics of Granular and Inhomogeneous Media
Waves in granular media and structures (Special Session organised by Vincent Tournat and Chiara Daraio)
Non-Linear Acoustics of Granular and Inhomogeneous Media
Wave phenomena in composite materials (cross-listed with Physical)

10. Phononic crystals and acoustic metamaterials (topic review coordinators : Vincent Laude and Massimo Ruzzene)
Sound propagation through Phononic Crystals
Acoustic metamaterials: fundamentals, applications and emerging topics (Special Session organised by Badreddine Assouar, Massimo Ruzzene, Woon Siong Gan and Koh Cheong Yang Henry)
Diffraction of Ultrasound on Periodic Structures (phononic crystals and corrugated structures)

11. Standing Waves, Resonating and Actuating Ultrasonics (topic review coordinators : Stefan Radel and James Friend)
Acoustofluidics 2015 : Ultrasonic particle and fluid manipulation (Special Session / independent congress session, organised by Stefan Radel, Andreas Lenshof and the board of USWNET)
Resonators and Waveguides
Ultrasonic Motors and Actuators
Ultrasonic Standing Waves
Ultrasonic Streaming
Solitons and Chaos
Acoustic Levitation
Resonance Ultrasonic spectroscopy
Nuclear Acoustical Resonance
Acoustical Magnetic Resonance

12. Daily life ultrasonics (topic review coordinator : Enrique Riera-Franco de Serebia)
Ultrasound in Food science, Pharmaceutics and Cosmetics (Special Session organised by Enrique Riera - Franco de Serebia)
Ultrasonic treatment of polluted water

13. Emerging Fields in Ultrasonics and Related areas not listed elsewhere (topic review coordinator : Nico F. Declercq)
Joining of engineering materials by high power ultrasound (Special Session organised by Frank Balle and Irene Fernandez Villegas)
Terahertz waves