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Students & RWB Stephens Award

Student acitivity

For students and other young researchers the 2015 ICU Student Committee are offering a special opportunity to leave the welcome reception on Monday at 19:00 and to join HACKATHON MUSIC METZ (19:00 – 22:00). In order to attend this event you will have to gather at the main entrance of Arsenal (where the congress and welcome reception take place) and you will be guided as a group from the congress to the event at ‘Trinitaires Metz’. Pre-registration is not required and participation is of course not only limited to young researchers…


ICU'2015 RWB Stephens Prize competition

Elsevier, the publisher of the journal Ultrasonics , has sponsored the RWB Stephens Prizes. This competition honors the memory of Professor RWB Stephens (1902-1990) who was active in starting the Ultrasonics International (UI) conferences and who contributed greatly to their success. During his lifetime he was recognized as a great teacher who taught and inspired generations of students in acoustics and ultrasonics. Cash prizes have been awarded to the presenters of the most outstanding papers (oral or poster) presented at the 2015 ICU by a student or recent graduate as determined by a panel of distinguished judges covering a broad diversity of ultrasonics topics. The chair of the Prize Committee was Wolfgang Sachse of Cornell University who is actively engaged with the ICU conferences as well as the journal Ultrasonics.

All entrants for the RWB Stephens Prizes had to indicate their interest on the Registration Form

In addition students had to also be a registered participant at the ICU'2015 Registration desk by noon on Monday, May 11th.
The sign-up sheet will require the following information:
1. Name of the entrant
2. Title of the Paper
3. Conference Paper Number
4. Mentor or Faculty Advisor
5. School or university where the research was carried out
6. Date of diploma/degree or expected completion date
The total prize money is 1500 EUR. The awards will be announced at the conference Closing Ceremony on Friday, May 15th, afternoon.
For further information please contact Prof Wolfgang Sachse .

This list of 2015 RWB Stephens Prizes can be found here.


Student Accomodation

Special and very affordable student accomodation has been provided.

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